On December 21, 2020, the NHTOA Board of Directors approved a five-to-seven year Strategic Framework. This document is a product of the NHTOA Board of Directors and the Granite State Woodland Institute Board of Directors.

A Strategic Framework functions like a traditional Strategic Plan, setting and prioritizing goals for the organizations, and by extension its membership.

The approved Strategic Framework has five goals:

1. Foster a legal and regulatory environment that supports and enhances timberland ownership, timberland management, and a thriving forest industry.

2. Advance professionalism, safe practices, sustainable forestry, efficiency, and productivity throughout the forest industry.

3. Provide responsive and high-quality support and service to members.

4. Promote the value of working forests and responsible forest management.

5. Ensure the financial and organizational vitality of the NHTOA through increased fundraising and membership, staff development, and attentive governance.

To read the full Strategic Framework document, click on the link below:

2020 NHTOA Strategic Framework