Citing the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security's memo of March 19 declaring the forest products industry to be "essential" in a number of ways (manufacture of paper products, lumber for infrastructure, pallets for shipping, production of energy, etc.), the NHTOA has written to N.H. Gov. Chris Sununu requesting that N.H.'s forest products industry also be declared "essential" should any shelter-in-place orders be issued by the Governor's office for the Granite State.
"New Hampshire’s forest products industry is interconnected. Loggers that produce saw logs for lumber and pallets also produce wood chips for power plants and institutional heating and they produce pulp wood for paper making. Sawmills that produce lumber also produce wood chips for electricity, heat, and papermaking," stated the letter, which was signed by NHTOA executive director Jasen Stock. "Lose one piece of this interconnected web and the remaining portions will be impacted."
Read the full letter here. The Dept. of Homeland Security's March 19, 2020, memo can be read here
To date, Sununu has not issued a shelter-in-place order for New Hampshire.