Why should you consider joining the NHTOA?

Here are just a few of the many benefits that membership in the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association brings:

  • Showcasing the Industry: Our quarterly magazine for members, The Timber Crier, contains page after page of features about forestry and forestry operations throughout New Hampshire, as well as important state and national news on forest management issues, current market information, and upcoming events.

  • News You Need: Forest Fax, the NHTOA’s frequent e-mail newsletter, is filled with up-to-the-minute information about what is impacting New Hampshire's forest community.

  • Industry Education: The NHTOA’s workshops, forums, and field days, held several times every year, provide opportunities to learn about forestry issues and skills and to network with industry colleagues. (Some workshops will have a reduced cost with membership.)

  • Advocacy: The NHTOA represents the forestry industry on many statewide committees and coalitions. The NHTOA works hard to build awareness among state and federal policymakers about your interests.

  • Spreading the Word: The NHTOA pushes several marketing efforts every year that are designed to spread the message of sustainable management (good forestry) and build interest about New Hampshire's forests.

  • Public Education: Every year, the NHTOA provides young adults with information about work opportunities within the forest community, and teaches adults how to work safer and more efficiently in the woods.

  • Awards and Honors: The NHTOA’s awards program, a central feature of our Annual Meeting, rewards good work in New Hampshire’s forests and celebrates the links today’s industry holds with the rich history of forestry in the Granite State.

Membership Categories:

Individual Membership:

  • $10 Student
    (high school, college, or trade school)
  • $25 Individual supporter
  • $30 Non-profit organization or association
  • $100 Business
    (bank, insurance, accounting, etc.)

Landowner Membership:

  • $60 up to 100 acres
  • $70 up to 200 acres 
  • $80 up to 500 acres
  • $100 up to 1,000 acres
  • $150 up to 3,000 acres 
  • Over 3,001 acres at $0.10 per acre, $3,000 max.

Industry Membership:

  • $100 for Forester with up to 5 employees
  • $150 for Forester with 6 or more employees
  • $100 for Logger with up to 5 employees 
  • $150 for Logger with 6 or more employees
  • $100 for Trucker with up to 5 employees
  • $150 for Trucker with 6 or more employees
  • $150 Sawmill (up to 1 MMBF annually)
  • $250 Sawmill (1 MMBF to 10 MMBF annually)
  • $400 Sawmill (more than 10 MMBF annually)
  • $400 Pulp and paper mill
  • $250 Thermal Energy, less than 5,000 tons
  • $1,500 Wood Energy from 5,000 to 250,000 tons
  • $2,000 Wood Energy more than 250,000 tons
  • $150 Forest Equipment supplier (statewide)

If you are interested in becoming a member:  Sign Up By Mail , or call our office at (603) 224-9699.  Online registration coming soon!

Membership Signs are available in our online store.